A bed bug infestation in furniture is a problem. Allphase Exterminators’ heat treatment is the solution.

On too many occasions, we have arrived at a person’s home to find that they have thrown out all of their bed-bug-infested furniture—they either set it all outside to be picked up or pitched it into a rented trash bin. They tell us that they had a chemical pest control company come in, who told them that their furniture needed to be replaced.

DON’T throw out your furniture!

We at Allphase Exterminators can treat and save all of your furniture, saving you thousands of dollars. Our chemical-free heat treatment system penetrates all the furniture. Your mattresses, box springs, chairs and couches are heated throughout to kill all bed bugs, larva and eggs. Whether your furniture is cloth covered or leather, every bed bug (and future bed bug) is dead. Replace your furniture when you want to, not because you think you have to!

Don’t the bed bugs just run out of the furniture to escape the heat?

A properly-executed heat treatment will kill ALL stages of bed bugs. Some of the bed bugs will try to escape the heat—that’s where the experts in heat treatment come in. First, we make sure the baseboards around the furniture are heated up above the instant-kill temperature (130 degrees Fahrenheit). We use high-temp systems and many fans to circulate the heated air. We then use the fans to concentrate on the furniture and beds—we spend hours on your house ramping up the temperature and making sure that the heated air gets pushed into every nook and cranny. When we are finished, the furniture has been heated through for several hours, and is once again bed bug free.

Plus, with no chemical residue, when Allphase Exterminators is done, you can walk right back in and start living your bed-bug-free life.

On a related note, if you see any furniture out on the curb, pass it right by. You may get some furnishings cheap but end up paying in the long run.

Stay safe and stay healthy—and stay bed bug free!