Terms of Service

Updated: 01/20/2022

Service Contract 

Allphase Exterminators is herein referred as “The Company” “The Customer” is defined as the individual, the company and/or agents(s) as written on the customer information section, herein referred to as “The Customer”. “The Structure” is defined as the house, apartment condominium, or unit and includes any and all rooms and furniture and articles contained therein as completed in the customer information section. “The Premises” is defined as the address which is written on the front of this form in the customer information section. “Consideration” is the price, quotation and/or deposit to be paid by “the Customer” and as written on the front of this form. The Consideration serves as the acceptance of”The Customer” to this agreement. 

Ready Permission to Treat – Preparation 

Upon “Consideration” “The Customer” authorizes and acknowledges that the temperature of the air in the premises will be raised to a level that requires certain precautions to be taken to avoid damage to the premises and/or the contents of the premises. These precautions include (but not limited to) the removal of items such as aerosol cans, candles, fire extinguishers, live plants, lipstick, medication, sensitive artwork such as oil paintings and photography, stringed instruments, vinyl and/or plastic blinds, all pets to include fish, birds, etc. “The Customer” certified that it has complied with the”prep” document recommendations (provided). This includes the deactivation of heat sensors and fire sprinklers and to ensure that all articles recommended for removal have in fact been removed from the treatment location.” The Customer “acknowledges that it is”The Customers”sole responsibility to ensure that all recommended items have been removed and recommended systems have been deactivated where applicable. 

Service Guarantee 

“The Customer” agrees to abide by all the stipulations made by “The Company” either by telephone, in writing, by email or in person. Failure to do so will void any guarantee made by “The Company”, The Customer” acknowledges receipt of any accompanying service guarantee (if applicable) and acknowledges and accepts any limitations (where applicable) associated with said service guarantee as supplied to “The Customer”

Release & Indemnification

 “The Customer” agrees that it shall indemnify and hold harmless “The Company” and all associated directors, employees, shareholders, agents or assigns against all claims of”The Customer” and of third parties. This includes and is without limitation, claims based upon strict liability in tort, negligence, fundamental breach of for consequential damages and claims based upon damages to the environment, losses, fines, demands, suits and judgments, including reasonable legal fees, which may result from any services or treatments provided by “The Company” to”The Customer”. 


“The Customer” acknowledges “The Company” must have a minimum of 48 hours notice for re-booking if necessary. Failure of “The Customer” to provide such notice may result in forfeiture of the deposit amount. Any discrepancies between any company website and the terms of service contained herein, these terms of service shall take precedence.