One of the questions that I get when I talk to customers about a Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs is, can I just treat my bedroom? My answer is always the same. We can do a Heat Treatment on just your bedroom. However, I would not recommend treating just one room, and I’ve been in the business long enough to know better than to put a guarantee on treating just one room. 

Bed Bugs are notorious hitchhikers. They can get carried from room to room on our person or in our purses, backpacks and our dirty laundry baskets. Remember, the bed bugs didn’t start in your room. They hitchhiked on our body or in a suitcase, purse or backpack, from an outside source. 

A perfect example of this is that I recently had a customer in Sarasota, Florida, who insisted that he only had bed bugs in his bedroom. After hearing his story about how long he had been dealing with bed bugs, I knew that there was no way that they were only in his bedroom. After trying to convince him to get his whole house treated, I ended up only booking him to do his bedroom. I arrived at his house and did a check of the bedroom to make sure that it was prepped properly for the Heat Treatment. On my way out of the house, I noticed a Bed Bug on the floor by his end table in his living room. He dismissed it, saying he probably just carried it out that morning. So then I proceeded to lift the couch skirt and found 2 more. He was in absolute disbelief. I again pointed out to him that this is the exact reason why I couldn’t put a guarantee on Heat Treating one room.  Well, needless to say, he had a change of heart and admitted that he should have listened to a Bed Bug professional for his Bed Bug infestation. We ended up rescheduling the Heat Treatment to do the whole house. 

He has called me several times since the Heat Treatment to thank me for getting rid of his Bed Bug infestation. I am glad that we were able to take away his anxiety and bring peace back into his life again. A Bed Bug infestation is not something to try to deal with using half-measures. Do it right the first time so you can back to your normal life before your Bed Bug infestation.

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